Sky Lounge LED video ceiling

We created an LED video-ceiling solution to satisfy the client's love of technology, whilst complimenting the room's circular layout.

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The Sky Lounge on M/Y Leona stands out as a space where the owner and guests can relax and revel in breathtaking views. However, to elevate this experience to new heights, the integration of cutting edge technology was essential to the Owner. A stunning addition that can transform the Sky Lounge into a visual masterpiece was proposed as a circular LED video ceiling.

The challenge lied in seamlessly integrating with the overall design of the space and ensuring it does not compromise the aesthetic appeal. The solution? 28 individual high resolution LED cabinets, discreetly masked behind a finished ceiling to harmonise with the yacht's elegant interior, creating the desired 'circular screen' effect, fully integrated with the onboard AV systems.


Design considerations

When crafting such a solution, several key design considerations came into play:

  • Interior integration
  • Durability
  • Operational simplicity

It was agreed the technology shouldn't overpower the room and be the main focus, but allow it to blend seamlessly with the surroundings whilst also have the ability to come to life for specific events.

To achieve integration with the planned interior, a holistic approach was required with the entire project team. In terms of durability, operating on a superyacht exposes equipment to unique challenges, including humidity, saltwater exposure, and constant movement. Therefore, the components must be engineered to withstand these conditions and maintain optimal performance.

And finally, the experience of enjoying the displays shouldn't be complicated when wanting to change content or functions. Guests should be able to control the LED video ceiling effortlessly, adjusting settings and content with user-friendly interfaces.



To create a virtual skylight LED video ceiling for the Sky Lounge, a collaborative effort between experts in yacht-building, interior design, technology, and the installation was essential. Here is a simplified breakdown of the implementation process:

  • Conceptualisation
  • Hardware selection
  • Installation
  • Control system integration
  • Testing and calibration

We began with a clear vision of what the LED video ceiling should achieve, taking into consideration the desired ambiance, visual effects, and functional aspects, capturing all the requirements in a detailed specification. We worked closely with the entire project team to select the correct hardware, plan and integrate the LED cabinets and substructure seamlessly into the interior. Each LEC cabinet required to be specified to marine conditions and adhere to safety standards.

The detailed engineering was developed with the specialist supplier and AV integrator to implement a sophisticated control system that enables easy content management and customisation. Rigorous testing of the LED video ceiling was undertaken to ensure flawless performance, and the whole system was calibrated to optimise its visual settings.


Creating this breathtaking technology solution for M/Y Leona's Sky Lounge is a fusion of cutting-edge technology, precision craftsmanship, and thoughtful design.

The final result transforms the space into a captivating visual wonder, elevating the onboard experience.

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