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Created from necessity

Smart Technology Advisers, a company born over a decade ago out of a genuine need for independent advice, integrity, creative design, and complete transparency in the marine technology sector. Unlike other companies that merely paint a picturesque vision, our inception is rooted in addressing a genuine gap in the industry.

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Meet the directors

Strong foundations

The journey traces back to 1997 when Steve, one of our co-founders, embarked on the design and development of technology systems for the 49.9-meter Amels superyacht "Tigre D’or" (now "Jaz"). This marked the beginning of an array of other ventures, including projects such as "Sarafsa" (now "Faribana V") and "Thunder Gulch" (now "Marla"), among numerous others. By the early 2000s, the rebranded entity, ANT (Advanced New Technologies), burgeoned into the foremost marine electronics company, boasting a team of 126 professionals, €13 million in annual revenue, and established offices across the UK, France, Holland, and the US.

ANT went on to spearhead some of the most significant undertakings in the superyacht realm, collaborating with renowned shipyards like Lürssen, Oceanco, Amels, Feadship, Blohm & Voss, and CRN, among others.

However, the financial crash of 2008 led to a sharp decline in fortune, causing the loss of a substantial portion of ongoing projects. Despite scepticism from many quarters, Steve was determined to rescue the business and sought the assistance of Ian. Together, they orchestrated a turnaround, leading to the eventual sale of the company to a prominent US conglomerate in 2010.

Call to action

In 2012, Steve and Ian believed they had moved on from the industry, each pursuing separate paths after the sale. Fate intervened when Steve received an unexpected call from an owner's representative grappling with intricate issues in a new build project. The challenges spanned contractual, financial, and technical complexities, requiring expertise in pricing, timelines, and technology. This project, now known as "Jubilee" or "Kaos," marked a turning point.

Approximately a month into the project, Ian paid a visit to Steve, during which the vision for SMART was articulated. Both Steve and Ian had sworn off the supplier/integrator domain, yet the prospect of working on the owner's side held undeniable allure.

A SMART idea

Having previously been integrators, the founders understood the pitfalls of skewed specifications, biased bids, and undisclosed interests. The rapid pace of technological advancement left clients vulnerable to hasty decisions and reliant solely on suppliers' guidance. The core issue: conflicts of interest. Products were pushed for profit, specifications were influenced, and clients were often left in the dark about undisclosed incentives.

SMART forged a new path. Averse to conflicts, embracing transparency, and working collaboratively with all stakeholders. Decisions and advice  untainted by commercial biases; each choice being made for the client's benefit and the project's success. Our approach is ethical, and we remain the sole independent technology designers in the sector, devoid of ties to any company for supply, service, or support.  A stance that will never change.

10 years later

Over our first decade, we've cultivated an exceptional team of technology experts. Our innovative and award-winning designs have revolutionized the industry, whilst ensuring value to the client. We resolve technology challenges and consistently deliver expert solutions. Even more gratifying, SMART remains the trusted choice of the industry's most influential and esteemed clients.

Whether working directly with clients, owners' offices, or designers, our commitment to excellence, precision and dedication has been the cornerstone of our success over the past ten years and will continue to do so in the future.

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