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Independent advice

Our ethical approach to consultancy means our advice and guidance are purely driven by providing the best solutions possible to the client.

The SMART team offer consultancy services covering commercial contracts and agreements, to investigations and reporting on emerging technologies.

  • Examination of contractual and technical aspects of construction agreements
  • Creating client based project profiles and philosophies
  • Exploration of existing and emerging technologies
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Technology design

Every client is unique. We ensure every aspect of the technology design is tailored to match their requirements, whilst incorporating the latest trends and future options into the design.

We meticulously plan the positioning and prerequisites of every piece of equipment. We create detailed technical specifications covering each technology system and manage the entire tendering process on the client's behalf.

  • Designing technology systems functional philosophies
  • Comprehensive technical specifications
  • Tender packages and procedures
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Engineering management and support

At SMART, we hold ourselves accountable for the solution we design, providing expert consultancy and engineering support, all the way to sign-off and handover. We make sure everyone delivers on the client's expectations.

  • Conducting site surveys and generating reports
  • Thorough examination of engineering documentation
  • Formulating testing protocols and managing acceptance procedures
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From display technologies and immersive audio to live events and source distribution across multiple areas, the SMART team have designed some of the most advanced and impressive AV solutions in the world.

Based on each client's unique requirements and preferences, our team of experts create a philosophy to match their desired audio-visual functionality and experiences.

  • Display technologies
  • Loudspeakers
  • Networked audio and amplification
  • Digital signal processors
  • AV distribution over IP
  • Events systems


Deliver a secure, reliable, fast and sustainable IT solution, that has the capacity and flexible to be the foundation of all your technology needs for both the present, and the future.

We calculate all the unique requirements for each project, ensuring the IT infrastructure, servers and systems are suitable for the intended application. From rack planning, to Wi-Fi network design simulations, our expert team are here to help navigate the complexities of everything IT.

  • Rack systems and zoning
  • Unified threat management
  • Wired and wireless networks
  • Network security
  • Servers, backups and systems monitoring
  • Phone systems


Control systems span throughout the entire chain of technology, from the communication of the source devices, all the way to the tip of a finger pressing a button. It's what connects people to technology, and drives the entire user experience.

We listen to how the client uses technology in their day-to-day activities, identify any poor experiences they may have had in the past, and create a list of high priority items to be implemented into the design.

  • User experience and graphics interfaces
  • Control devices
  • Control automation and programming
  • System integration


We have designed several award winning cinemas on board luxury superyachts. From multipurpose spaces through to industry leading DCI certified cinemas spanning multiple decks on superyachts, we cater for all your requirements.

Our expert team calculate and advise net space requirements, acoustic requirements, room isolation and materials selection. We collaborate closely with interior designers to ensure technical layouts and aesthetics are fully synchronised. Our team have all the expertise needed to help you deliver a truly breathtaking cinematic experience.

  • Private DCI certified theatre
  • Private screening rooms and external viewing areas
  • Acoustic requirements


External communication technologies are vital for any project, land or sea. They provide the foundation on which the entire system relies on to utilise the plethora of services available in our data driven world.

The SMART team have been at the forefront of emerging technologies and integrating the latest solutions on projects, pushing the industry to modernise. Our solutions deliver a multitude of fast, reliable and secure communication options for both voice and data to your project.

  • WAN management systems
  • VSAT, Wi-Fi Bridge, 5G/LTE
  • TVRO
  • Flat panel technology
  • Distributed antenna systems
  • Radio systems


The identification and effective deterrence of possible threats to your security and safety requires a multifaceted approach involving a number of specialist disciplines.

We collaborate with client's security team to tailor security system solutions to match the level of security, protection and privacy requried. From standard video surveillance systems, to physical access controls and planned safe zone routes, we can create the right solution for your project.

  • Surveillance systems
  • Physical access control systems (PACS)
  • Detection systems
  • Safe rooms
  • Asset tracking
  • Drone detection


Many of our clients want to take their project to the next level, and have something a little out of the ordinary to make them stand out from the crowd. We've been fortunate to work with a number of visionary clients and designers to help design and deliver 'wow factor' innovations.

From collaborating with Burgess, Feadship and C'SEED on a 'million dollar display', to immersive sky lounges with interactive ceilings and the world's first DCI Imax Theatre onboard a superyacht - the sky is the limit!

We take concepts and turn them into reality.

  • Bespoke LED panels
  • Digital artwork
  • Virtual windows
  • Gaming simulators
  • New innovations and requests

Specialising in existing and future technologies

We have built a reputation for designing technology solutions on the world's most luxurious superyacht projects and high-end residential projects. From fast, secure and reliable IT infrastructure to innovative and engaging “world's firsts”, we turn concepts into reality.

No matter the project, fulfilling the client's requirements and vision remains our ultimate goal. Whether this be a whole technology design and engineering support package on a 150m+ superyacht, or a singular focus on one area of a 30m vessel. The SMART team have the resources, knowledge, and track record to bring your vision to reality.

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